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Why Should You Buy From Us?

Buyer Shield

All our serial keys comes with warranty. If the serial key didn’t work, we will provide you a full refund within 48 hours. To enjoy this benefits please check the warranty box.

Fast Delivery

We will send you the genuine key within 6 hours after the payment conformation.

24/7 Support

We provide excellent customer support. You can easily reach us my mailing us at or by live chat.

About Bitdefender Total Security

Total Security is Bitdefender’s very costly and robust malware software.

Total Security’s main advantage over the existing plans is protection for smartphones and os x, plus it even contains a PC Optimizer and an anti-theft feature that enables the user to remotely control your PC if it has been stolen.

Bitdefender Total Security includes all of the functionality included in the company’s entry-level products, plus a few more.


Real-time protection


Bitdefender Total Security’s key feature is its real-time protection, which detects a malware, as well as other malicious software as soon as it happens on your device. Bitdefender keeps an up-to-date threat defense database, ensuring that the computers are safe from the new threats. If your PC gets compromised, you could use Bitdefender Total Security’s Rescue Environment to uninstall the unwelcome malware and recover your system to its former condition.


Advanced Firewall


Bitdefender Total Security adds another layer of protection by monitoring your internet activity and notifying you of possible risks It aggressively stops infected sites that try to hack your data by running malicious scripts or presenting as some other well-known websites.



Want to move your internet privacy to the next level? If you purchase Total Security, you will also get a VPN with a limit of 200MB daily from any location in the world. It’s a helpful additional tool for ensuring that no snooping eye can track your internet usage by enabling you to alter the IP address of your device or mobile.

10 reviews for Bitdefender Total Security

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  • Prabhakar

    Not as good as expected. The key worked fine as said. In last 9 years I have used Avast, AVG and Norton but this product is Worst of all them.
    Reason 1:- You can install application apart from Windows Store but it will not work (don’t know why).
    Reason 2:- You have to manually Update if any update arrives.
    Reason 3:- Lags my 6GB Ram + 1 TB internal HDD, AMD A10 (Nothing much installed)
    Reason 4:- BitDefender VPN has daily limit. Strongly NOT Recommend. Think before u buy this product

    November 8, 2020
  • Sufiyan khan

    The antivirus is itself good but I feel it has too many (some unnecessary) features cramped into it. I didn’t even find the need for 90% of it’s features. (For example, deleting temporary files is just a temporary way of freeing up around a gigabyte of space, which again will get filled up the next morning.)Also, earlier Bitdefender used to be applauded for it’s minimal impact on system performance however this version really slows down the system on every bootup. Even during normal use, the file scanning has a noticeable impact on system responsiveness. Please dont buy this if you dont have an SSD.Also, I guess this product should be bought by someone who really dosent understand anything about antiviruses and computer protection. It has autopilot mode to automate all security features. However, if you have a very good idea of which links and programs give viruses and how antiviruses work, you have no need of this one. Just simple get AVG free version and periodically scan with Malwarebytes. It will keep your system in top shape.

    November 6, 2020
  • M Shahsi

    The website was running a huge discount but this deal was half the discounted price. So, like I said, it doesn’t get any better than this. The software is stable, very efficient, and very reliable. I’m not the best person to compare it to other antivirus software, nor are most reviewers, to be honest. Only the best hackers and people who create these viruses can comment on that. That said, considering that it’s almost everyone’s top 3 recommendation, that’s the best judgement I could go by, so I chose this over others. I got the key in email within minutes of purchasing the key. I downloaded the software before that and tried it out, before purchasing the key. I didn’t try others, because I was satisfied with everything about this one.

    June 13, 2020
  • Priya S Patil

    I have always been a big fan of BitDefender products. This one was perfect for my newly purchased Gaming laptop. After installing it on my PC I have never looked at its panel again as I can manage all actions through their centrally managed Intenet based BitDefender Central Portal or mobile app available for iOS & Android. But let me tell you I only managed it twice after installing it 2 months ago. Here I have some Pros & Cons for the product after 2 months of its usage, Pros:
    1. Best in class security.
    2. Minimal impact during Full Scan.
    3. Install & Forget kind of software.
    4. Auto-pilot mode takes almost all decisions for you.
    5. Keep your machine healthy by taking every major decision on behalf of you.
    6. Controls & handles every Microsoft Windows issue by itself so no need to manually configuring every single recommendation that Microsft Windows throws at you.
    7. Automatically update itself & Windows.
    8. Auto-scans so no manual scan running tasks for you.
    9. Best battery optimization & better battery life.
    Cons:1. The UI could be more intuitive.
    2. Instead of bulky installation setup, they can start reducing the size of their software. As most of its processing & analysis happens on the cloud. It would particularly beneficial for PCs which are constantly connected to the Internet just like mine.To conclude my review, if you are getting a top-notch product with their top tiered suite at such insane price then it is no brainer to buy it without wasting your time. Just go for it.

    June 13, 2020
  • Asad Shaikh

    Great seller. Got email with activation code in 40 minutes with detailed instructions. Bitdefender total security is really a very nice antivirus specially because of it’s autopilot which promptly blocks any threat encountered without our interference. Bitdefender does not slow my pc even a bit (My PC has AMD Ryzen 2500U professor with 8GB RAM, so u may experience something different depending on your PC). It uses 250 MB RAM when idle. Overall, it’s a great AV and you can trust it.One major issue many people might encounter after installing is INCREASED BOOT TIME. Mine increased from 20 seconds to 1 minute. It occurs due to a setting in bitdefender that scans the system during boot when critical system components are being loaded. It’s called ‘EARLY BOOT SCAN’. You can disable the setting in Protection -> Settings. However, it’s a protective mechanism and I chose to leave it unchanged. It’s your wish what to do.

    May 30, 2020
  • Subahsish Adhikary

    I see many people are complaining about the antivirus is that it’s a heavy software believe me it isn’t after reading some reviews I was too worried that should I go for it or not as I was buying it for my laptop [Acer Aspire Processor i3 5th gen 2.0 Ghz].I went ahead with the purchase as the price was only Rs 690 for 1 years, I afford to lose it. Okay after installing the setup was pretty easy all scans were set to high priority. Now I checked the working speed of my laptop opened chrome [3 tabs] mozilla[3 tabs] file explorer & photoshop well i didn’t lag. All those applications especially chrome & photoshop eats most of the resources but I was able to use each application with ease. So I exactly don’t know why software is creating a problem for other users. Working just fine for me till now. Bitdefender comes with lots of great features: VPN, Anit-trackers for browsers, Password manager, Personal recommendations w.r.t. device protection [by far one of the most useful features] Scanning happens in the background does not affect laptop performance.I hope I’ve made some of the things clear. This is the best you can get, better than other big names.

    May 19, 2020
  • Basant

    Was skeptical when i saw the price, so downloaded the free trial. Took a few tries since my Kaspersky refused to uninstall completely. But the moment I installed bitdefender, was surprised to see how light it is on my system. It has everything one could ask for.. and more.Pros. Very light on your system.Great protection as per reviews on pc mag etc.Complete security suite at the price of an anti virusHighly rated amongst security suites.Cons. The dashboard doesnt show days remaining. One has to go to my account and see.There is no way to stop auto update of virus definitions, I generally like to manually update once a day when i start my system. Here options are every hour, every 6 hours, 12 hours, or shut off until restart.Minor issues both.For those who say their systems have slowed it is the fault of your previous anti virus software not uninstalled completely. Suggest you run their specific uninstallers or else reload OS.Delivery by email was received within 30 minutes and all fine.Those using ASUS motherboards will have a problem though. Bitdefender and ASUS ai suite 3 have a conflict. There is a workaround, uninstall ai suite 3 install bitdefender then reinstall ai suite 3. But as with all workarounds, may cause problems in future.

    May 5, 2020
  • Dr Vikram

    Got emailed a Code within 1 hour of placing the order with detailed instructions from downloading to installing to registering the product. There are 3 ways one can buy Bitdefender products in India-

    1) Bitdefender International Site- lists the price in INR but is much more costly. But more product and licensing options are available.

    2) Bitdefender India website- also lists the price in INR. Limited products and licensing options available. Much cheaper than the International Site. But you can’t find all the products and device options.

    3) Thegamekeys- slightly more cheaper. Limited product options, but variety of licensing options. Ultimately cost effectiveness of the product and licensing option that I personally wanted governed my decision to buy it from this site. Given the service by the seller bought two more products About the product itself, Bitdefender has been topping the list of security softwares from past atleast 3-4 years. Gone are the days of Norton and McAfee. Google top 10 antiviruses and you’ll invariably find Bitdefender on top of the paid list on any site. That said, this program is resource intensive, may severely slow down older PCs, although it is intelligent enough to not use much resources when you concurrently run another resource intensive program but even then day to day use might be frustrating on older or slower devices. In such cases its better to go for only the Internet Security Suit rather than Total Security. Hope this review helps.

    March 5, 2020
  • Ganesh Narayanan

    All, This is the latest version of Bit defender total security. That means no matter what version u got, this is applicable for an upgraded version up to lates which is 2020. Install 2020 from the site, it will automatically remove the earlier versions installed. Once installed, it will ask for activation code, use the one which comes to u with this purchase, you are all done!! I am assuming that you already have a bitdefender central id and configured to your installation. When compared with the price of this on the US sites, this is a steal that u get such a fantastic protection for 3 years for as low as under 1K. This is the best antivirus as i have used it for more than 10 years now. Close your eyes and go for it!!

    January 14, 2020
  • korou iromcha

    There are a lot of features in this anti-virus. However most of the time I use it for, safe Browsing, virus detection (pretty good), data protection, anti- tracker etc. There is also a vpn service however it is just for 200mb data transfer, which is very low. If someone wants to upgrade then its a huge money as compare to market price of similar products. The vpn service is collaborated with Hotspot VPN. The most important reason is that it is very light, automatic updates and automatic profile selection and detection, least system impact. It has been around 3 years I have been using this. And I am not disappointed.

    February 12, 2019

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